Shizuka: Tokyo Underground '95

What is the most psychedelic fact ?
I say if you can play as you intend, it must be the most.
But what will you intend to do ? Nobody ever show me that kind.
Of cause I know there are many players who can play as they like.
But who knows what ? (second Amadeus is not funny)

First time I saw shizuka, I must say that was not a good impressions.
Cause she is the most hard womankind for me.
She believes her own truth based on her own confidence.
But her confidence, it attacks me strongly while I play with Shizuka.
I wonder what makes her strong voice and her strokes on strings.

In '95 we Shizuka(shizuka maki kosuigi & me) did only 3 stages,
and I left the band, and soon kosuigi too. But we know what was
happend between us in these days.

We were the real band.

Shizuka at Tokyo Underground '95 was the first stage for us.
And now we restart with the same members.
The Five Years it's so long, but we still have the same egos each other.
So We decide to release this experience,
cause this was the start point for us, and maybe for the next.

by seven
11,Aug 2000


Seven is the bassist on this release, a recording of a Tokyo concert by Shizuka in 1995. The performance is presented beginning to end, including even the intermission music before their set starts. Recorded after their gorgeous Live Shizuka CD (released by Persona Non Grata), this disc gives off a slightly different 'in a nightclub' aura to Shizuka's zoned-out balladry, peppered as always by Maki's guitar explosions.

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