Live at the Crown

“Ohm is a quartet that includes Campbell Kneale as well as Stefan Neville of Pumice. Their ‘Live at the Crown’, packaged within a hilarious upside-down variation on the Who's ‘Maximum R&B’ logo, is one of the most beautiful albums I've heard this year. With live drone and drum improv of the highest order, Ohm create a wistfully psychedelic feel. There's an astonishing chemistry and compositional sensibility within their improvisational method. Nicely recorded and beautifully played, Ohm show extraordinary mastery over their instruments with brilliant drumming patterns. Their overall sound rivals the best of the Dead C. and Thela's improv work. - Dan Vallor, Muckraker #9

...The result is a spellbinding blend of German krautrock and pulsating guitar improv that's swirling and groping its way in the dark. The one and only track on the album consists of methodically built up guitar sculptures that in one second are soft and fragile and in the next has reformed into something much more majestic and lethal. When these guitars are interlaced with fantastic drumming the aural qualities are of such caliber that I started counting the rings of saturn at the same time as 'm wiping the drooling of my chin. "Live at the Crown" is an atmospheric hybrid that makes me think of many fine bands such as Ash Ra Tempel and Amon Duul but not without those certain New Zealand "acid lo-fi rock the shit out of this place" ingrediants.
--Mats Gustafsson, The Broken Face #8

"More spaced out free noise racket from the amazing Last Visible Dog. OHM are a New Zealand free rock outfit treading similar territory as the Dead C, but the sound is more sparse and spread out. Sputtering drums and droning guitars, warm feedback and dreamy peals of high end squeal. Warble guitars and shuffly jazzy drums, played in the middle of a huge empty hall while sharp bolts of guitar hum and amp buzz are deflected by gentle strumming and whispery melodies and multiplied into occasional walls of bzzzzzbrrrrrghhhhh. This single 40 minute track basically documents the entire existence of the band OHM. Gorgeous and spare. Campbell Kneale (Mr. Birchville Cat Motel) guests. Features a hilarious cover spoof of the Who's maximum R+B logo!"
--Aquarius Records